Our Team

Nikolai Mushnikov 

Co-founder and CEO

Contact me: nik_m@asimica.com

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Co-founder and CTO

Contact me: jacobguidry@asimica.com

Grant R. Bowman

Co-founder and President

Corporate Team

AsimicA was founded in 2018 by Nikolay Mushnikov and Grant Bowman, co-inventors of MiST technology. Nikolai Musnikov serves as the technical head of AsimicA. He was the lead scientist in developing MiST during his PhD studies at the University of Wyoming. ​

As AsimicA grows through business partnerships and other research funding, the company will hire an additional microbiologist and a bioprocess engineer. The primary goals of these scientists is to work with business partners to integrate AsimicA technology into their product lines.

University Support:

The academic side of Asimica will be guided by Grant Bowman, an Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Wyoming and a co-inventor of MiST. The Bowman laboratory studies bacterial cell biology, intracellular signaling, and gene expression. His laboratory collaborates with the research laboratory of Mark Gomelsky, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Wyoming, and another co-inventor of MiST. The Gomelsky laboratory studies synthetic biology, genetic circuitry in bacteria, and light-dependent signaling mechanisms.

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